$1.5 Base. Includes Software, storage, labor, fulfillment, setup, support, basic kitting.
Pick And Pack
.25 Per Item Above The First.
Low Cost Shipping
International and Domestic Low Cost Commerical Shipping Rates. DHL, UPS, USPS.
  • $1.5 Per order + $.25 Above First Item Pick and Pack Fee
  • Worldwide Commerical Shipping Rates With USPS, UPS, and DHL
  • Orders Guaranteed To Ship Within 24-48 Hours
  • Free Storage On First Pallet
  • Zero Set Up Fees
  • Free Integration To Your Shopping Cart
  • Amazon "kitting" FBA Prep charged per unit and per bulk shipping box. 
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Price Example: 1 Package Less Than 1 Pound With 2 Items. $3-5 Postage + $1.5 +$.25 = $4.75-$6.75 TOTAL
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